who we are…

Cat Castle NYC was founded in 2018 by a cat-loving couple, and has quickly grown to be a network of devoted fosters and supporters! In under a year, CCNYC has helped over 100 cats in New York City, facilitated over 70 adoptions, and has taken in kittens as young as one day and as old as 15 years! 

What makes us unique is not only our high volume of cat rescue, but our focus on social justice principals, too. We strongly believe it is possible to advocate for feline welfare and treat humans of all backgrounds well, too. What this means for our organization is that we will never financially, racially, or in any means discriminate against our potential adopters! Please reach out to us if you have questions about this!

At Cat Castle, we often have 30+ foster cats in our care at once, and often take on hard cases others are not willing to. We pull cats from the euthanasia list at Animal Control at a moment’s notice, and have never said no to a cat rescue mission. If you’d like to become part of our team or support us, please help us out!